Everybody welcome Pete.  Pete's a regular on Channel Two, and to say he's a Personality would be understating things a little.  Pete's a great guy, a family man, and always has his hand up to help those in need.  He's what Channel Two is all about, he's after a few laughs, he organises the BBQ's and always out for a good time, sometimes the ratbag by his own admissions, Pete epitomises what the Channel is all about - Having a few laughs and sticking up for your mates.  Onya Pete.. We love ya mate!

Pete said in a recent email:

My name is Peter from Marsden Park, how are ya?  Where do I start...?  I am usually on radio most of the time from when I get in to my truck, to when I get home. I now have set up a radio (Motorola Power) in my shed, of which I don't get much time on, due to a beautiful family, wife and 3 kids 5, 3, and 7 months (old), a hand full, but once asleep I get on and have a go with the beautiful people on uhf i.e.: Jenny, Tugger, Mary, Lyn, Tim from Blacktown, Cisco, Daryl, Bev, Nathan, Royce, Martin, Kylie, Big Al, Tim from Penrith, Rick, Chris River rat, Troy... (Jesus are you gonna stop, I get the picture - God) plus lots more.

I got on radio the week of the September 11 incident, I was waiting for awhile for the installer to put it the thing in.  For the first few months I was a complete rat bag. I found it hard to get on to any body, so I would annoy people with noises.  After a while I started to talk to Lyn, a sales rep for a wonderful company, and once we had met up on the side of the road with a beer I got the fever for more.  I then started to get on the radio a lot more, even after work, just to have a joke or two with Tugger.  We then we had a picnic (at Windsor) to meet all these people.  It was great. 

I got my hands on a receive radio that Tim had left in my truck and I was really shocked to find out how muddy my signal was, so then I was determined to get some power, I got a 6db Arial off Kenny Mud Duck, some coax and a Motorola for a home base, it helped a little bit, but having a receive radio made the difference. I could tell for sure I was getting my message across, even though I may have to wait my turn for the Lovegod to finish, haha... (Sorry bout that mate, I didn't realise I was a bucket mouth :-) )

A bit about me then, I went to school at Macquarie Boys High School and was brought up around Dundas Station near Parra, I was a top Water polo player and I loved remote control planes, I used to fly them every weekend. I joined the Navy Reserve and made it to Petty Officer Stuart on Snapper Island which took me to sailing boats.  I had 16ft skiff at Drummoyne sailing club, and then sailed on an a 12 meter boat called Grettel 2.  I was a volunteer at the maritime museum, I sailed to South Australia in a thirty foot yacht - I just love the sea and all it has to offer!  On the other hand I love to go to my Father in-laws to do a bit of opal mining, great fun up near Lightning Ridge, hard work though...  

I am a fun loving person out for a laugh and god time. I hate violence and was trained only to defend myself and family.  I hate people who have nasty things to say and wont own up to it.  I currently live on about 15 acres at Marsden Park with good line of sight to the repeater.  I would love to get to know a lot more people on radio and keep up the laughs.

I have had a social bonfire at my place and invited some people around, and I will again, it was really successful, and very enjoyable.

On ya Pete, you're a legend. 

Come on people, mail me with your likes, dislikes, radio history, family details and stuff, send me a picture too. We need more Bio's here.  If you want to write about someone else that's OK, but I won't publish shit here, if you want to put someone down, you can go to the channel 1 page. Love to yas all. - God!