Welcome to the personalities section of the KUR02 Page.  Please check back here from time to time as this page has sparked a bit of interest with some of the local microphone legends, yes you know who you are.  I am currently receiving about five emails a day enquiring how they get photo's to me, etc.  I am even receiving requests to run these biographies in alphabetical order, rather then first in best dressed (hey Nathan!).  I'll be going out and getting a Post Office Box so you can send me pics and stuff, for those who don't have the Gucci computer gear.

Anyway, please be patient,  If you have any photo's, WAV files and the like that you would like to see on this page, click on the send lovegod mail icon below and mail them to me.  If you want your own bio here, send me a picture and a little blurb about yourself that you want people to know about you and I'll whack it on.   Till then, take care...God! 

Always Under Construction

First in best dressed - Royce was the first! Click the graphic to get to his page

Best living Muso - The one, the only OZZY!