Everyone, please welcome Mitch, and if you hear him on, say G'day!  Mitch said in a recent email:

I heard a few people talking about your web site so I thought I'd check it out. 

Firstly, let me say that I think you've done the channel a great service by painting a very accurate portrait of what ch2 is all about. Well done, and keep up the great work.  

One or two people on the channel know me as 'Mitch from Bowen Mt'. I bought myself a 40 channel Uniden 089 about 2 weeks ago. I haven't had any experience with CB's, so I'm more or less learning the ropes by sitting on the side and listening in, rather than jumping in and keying up over what sounds like a very friendly and courteous channel. 

I've been flipping through the channels, and got the occasional reply, but ch02 is certainly the friendliest and most cooperative channel around. And being a local, it makes me very proud to see the Kurrajong Heights repeater held in such high esteem. Like I said, I've been sitting on the side mostly. I installed the CB myself - the first voice I heard was Lyn having a friendly afternoon chat with 'Tugger'.  I got my first radio check from 'Matt', and had my first real CB conversation with 'Kenny G'.  I'm sure you know what I mean when I say they're all really nice people!

I'm a teacher at a school in Granville, so these guys on the radio keep good company. I spend around 3 hours on the road each day, and really enjoy the laughs and discussions that ch02 has to offer both morning and evening.  I might be the new bloke, but I already have a lot of respect for how ch02 operates, and perhaps in the future I'll be able to contribute to the fun.

I decided to introduce myself this morning (Thursday 25/7/02). It was rather quiet, and Lyn was debating with herself whether or not to get out of bed and make a coffee. I said G'day, where I live etc. It was met with a particularly friendly response from both Matt and Lyn. It was nice to hear that someone could be bothered to be polite. There's (has been) your occasional wanker on channel the last day or so should be put down and knackered, but hey, like you said on the site, being free means all types of UHFers turn up. 

I think that with continued patience and people as polite as those I have met so far, these idiots will tire of getting fun out of heaping shit on the ladies and find an arse to chew on ch01.

Peace & Love mate, take it easy.

As I said; I'm on channel Monday to Friday 5.15-6.45am & 4.15-7.00ish pm. perhaps we'll meet up on the air sometime.

Keep up the good work.


Comment from God: Mitch, thanks for the kind words.  People, it's really great to see that there are people out there, new to the hobby, that find our repeater both sensible and the operators polite.  That's what it's all about people, respect for one another, good operating skills and giving the person a go.  Doesn't matter how the 'wankers' operate, if we continue to maintain our pride of the channel and how it operates, then at the end of the day we will reflect that as operators.  You people should be commended, you are what make this channel great!  Have a good one, and keep those emails coming.  God, clear and listening.